Chiesa in Mestre 2022 pencil - 14,8 x 21cm

Double portrait of a friend 2022 Venezia

I also wrote some poems and I have never been a big fan of rules, that’s why I love beat poets. But I suppose I’m not a poet cause its not my first tool to express myself but sometimes it’s the best way to exorcise thoughts or express visions. After my first month I started to take all my photos in black and white cause I thought this way of taking pictures was more respectful with the legacy of the things I was living. At least, with black and white images you will still have the colours and the light of the things you saw, cause the image is not going to impose the palette. 
On my third month I decided to not take pictures. Taking pictures kill the memories, photos are dictators that codifies past and don’t allow us to feel. If I don’t have you on paper your faces will change, I probably won’t remember the colour of the eyes of Heloise, or the sweeter of Alice, or the curly hair of Emily, but you will still move in mind, and I will hear your voice, and everything will keep alive. Drawings and poetry are more respectful with memories and that’s why I draw the jacket of Matheus. That’s Herve Guibert speaks about it this book is about images that have never been taken.  

Thinking about Cy Twombly 2022 Venezia

Portrait from bed 2022 15 x 10 cm

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