I never thought my drawings had a conceptual background, but these days I saw that they were the manifestation of my own desires, maybe unknown desires or repressed desires. I started to draw erotic scenes and naked bodies when I started to explore my sexuality and have my first experiences, but even when I was discovering these things, I had the feeling that I was still repressed in some way directly connected with my emotions. So, these drawings are the manifestation of a conflict. Where is my selflove? Is love the necessity of possessing someone? Is it connected with capitalism? Is love a product we desire? Why my solitude is a problem for me? What do I search in others? Etc.

Egon Schiele (who lived at the start of the 20th century), Anne Marie Schneider (who was born in the sixties), maybe we have something in common, maybe these questions are part of our process. We are from different periods of history but we are all confronting, in a way, sex, morals, society, politics, humanity. Desire is a primitive entity that will never leave us as Marlene dumas show us in the illustrations she did for Adonis, by Shakespeare.​​​​​​​
But I’m not just talking about erotic desire, we can also use drawing to stop the time, as John Berger did with this portrait of her wife Beverly who died on 2013. He also drew her shoes, her skirt. On the right there is a room, to persons sleeping, a dog, a lighting morning. I also wanted to stop time but now I don’t know if it was just a dream. With drawings you can also imagine, fantasize, and idealize. ​​​​​​​
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